How to Apply For A New Zealand Tourist Visa with Philippines Passport

How to Apply For A New Zealand Tourist Visa with Philippines Passport

Plan your next New Zealand trip! Here’s our guide for Filipinos about applying for a tourist visa to New Zealand. Enjoy a holiday vacation here!

Thinking of traveling to New Zealand? It’s possible! Though Philippine passport holders are required to apply for a tourist visa, it is not so difficult as long as you have all the requirements needed. It may be a bit expensive because the cost of living in the country is a bit pricey as well. However, if you have extra money to spend with during your stay then you won’t have any problem!

How to Apply For A New Zealand Tourist Visa with Your Philippines Passport
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Beautiful New Zealand is one of the dream destinations of every Filipinos. You’ll see plenty of greenery everywhere in the country. The landscapes, rolling hills, pristine lakes, and beaches, you’ll enjoy every wonderful moment here! So for you to start a new adventure in New Zealand, apply for a visa now. Plus there’s really good news regarding it. The Visa Fee of Php 6,000 for New Zealand is waived if you are staying for less than 60 days! Yes, it is absolutely for FREE and we have a guide on how you can get it!

Two ways to apply for a New Zealand Tourist Visa

OPTION 1: Online application

OPTION 2: Paper/Personal application through VFS Global Manila

In this article, we will discuss the process of both options.

Where to Get a New Zealand Tourist Visa

Manila: Mezzanine Floor, Ecoplaza Bldg., 2305 Don Chino Roces Ave Ext, Makati City 

Cebu: VFS Global Cebu, 9th Floor, Keppel Center, Unit 905, Samar Loop cor. Cardinal Rosales Avenue, Cebu Business Park. 

VFS is open from Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM (Manila) and 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM (Cebu). They are both closed on holidays.

How to Apply For A New Zealand Tourist Visa with Your Philippines Passport
Photo by Stefan Wagener CC BY 2.0

Main requirements in applying for a New Zealand Tourist Visa

  • Proof of identity. This shall include 2 acceptable photos if you use a paper application form or 1 photo if you apply online and your passport.
  • Copy of your passport’s personal data page.
  • Proof of financial capacity. This shall include bank certificate/bank statement for the past 6 months, payslips, credit card statements, lease contract wherein you are the lessor, etc. 
  • Proof of financial capacity of your sponsor, if you have any. This sponsor could be a relative, friend, employer, etc. You should also submit a signed letter from this person that he/she will be the one paying for your trip. If he/she is a relative, then you can submit proof of relationship like your birth certificate/photos.
  • Proof of onward travel. You must have a CONFIRMED ticket to leave New Zealand or at least have a sponsor to cover this cost. You can also prove this by having sufficient funds to cover this cost in addition to the daily expenses. Try booking a Rent a Flight confirmed ticket reservation with us for $30 only.

Supporting Documents for a New Zealand Tourist Visa

For employees: Bring your original Certificate of Employment, approved leave of absence, ITR(Income Tax Return), or a copy of PRC Card or IBP Card, if applicable.

For Digital Nomads/ Online Work: Paypal or income history, proof of work online (screenshots).

For Business owners: Copy of Business Registration from SEC or DTI, copy of Business Permit or Mayor’s Permit, ITR, etc.

For students: School Certificate (Original), copy of enrollment form, etc.

Please be noted to always keep the receipt of your bank statement/bank certificate as they usually ask for this. Please write a cover letter so you can explain your travel plan and your itinerary.

Step-by-Step Guide on Your Online Visit Application for New Zealand

STEP 1: Visit the page of New Zealand Immigration. Select the type of visa that you are applying for. Afterward, you will be led to a page that asks you to create an account

STEP 2: Follow all the steps and fill in all the details that they are asking for completely. This will then lead you to a verification link that will be sent to your email address. Click on that link. If you can’t see this email, then it could be in your spam folder.

STEP 3: Once you click the link, you will be redirected to New Zealand’s Immigration Online portal. Under ‘Applications‘, click ‘Create a new visitor visa application’. 

STEP 4: To verify if you are on the correct page, you will be directed to an ‘Is this form right for you?’ page. Answer it with a yes or a no. Please take note that the Philippines is a fee waiver country. 

STEP 5: You can now start your application. Fill out the forms completely and truthfully. 

STEP 6: Upload your documents. As mentioned earlier, you can only use a JPG file type for your photo, and the rest should be in PDF under 10MB size. I suggest that you keep one type of document in one file. (eg. all pages of your bank statement should be in one file). 

STEP 7: After completing everything, you will be directed to a ‘Thank you’ page. Print it and Submit your passport either personally or through an authorized representative to VFS Global.

STEP 8: Pay the VFS Service Fee. The visa handling fee is Php 570 per application and the courier return (optional) is Php 380 per application. They will notify you by email that your passport is set for release. 

STEP 9: Wait and pray that you get your visa!

Step-by-Step Guide on Your Paper/Personal Visit Visa Application for New Zealand

STEP 1: Complete the Visa Application Form. Make sure to fill it out truthfully and attach 2 colored visa photos with your name at the back. 

How to Apply For A New Zealand Tourist Visa with Your Philippines Passport

STEP 2: Submit ALL the required documents together with your original passport and a photocopy of the bio page. For new passports that are issued from August 2016 onwards (passport number usually starts with letter “P”), please do not forget to sign on page 3. Otherwise, they will not accept your visa application. Ensure that you have a clear photocopy of all your original documents.

STEP 3: Pay the VFS Service Fee of PHP 760 per application for the application lodgement and PHP 380 (optional) per application for the courier return fee. This may be paid in cash or bank transfer

STEP 4: Get your receipt and wait for your passport to be released.

Visa Processing Fee for a New Zealand Tourist Visa

It’s free if you’ll be staying for less than 60 days.

Visa processing time: It usually takes 20 working days or more.

Embassy in the Philippines

Embassy of New Zealand in the Philippines

Address: Zuellig Building, 35th Floor PH, Makati Avenue, Paseo de Roxas, Makati, 1225 Metro Manila

Contact number: 

(02) 8234 3800

Office hours:

Monday – Friday: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM

How to Apply For A New Zealand Tourist Visa with Your Philippines Passport
Photo by travel photography CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

Frequently Asked Questions About New Zealand Tourist Visa

1. Do I need to have a ‘show money’?

Yes. Since they’re asking for your proof of financial capacity, you need to prove to them that you can finance yourself while you’re in New Zealand. You can read our tips about show money, here.

2. Can I submit more documents?

Of course! We actually encouraged you to submit more documents like land/condominium title, car registration, etc. to prove your tie to the Philippines. 

3. How long is the visitor visa valid?

Tourists to New Zealand can stay up to 9 months on a visitor visa unless otherwise stated! It is also possible that they will allow you to stay for 3 months more if you have financially supported yourself and you have not worked, studied, or been sponsored during your initial stay.

4. Do I need to have a confirmed return ticket?

Yes. It is a requirement.

5. Can I track my application?

Of course! You can track it here.

6. How can I get my passport once it is ready for release? 

You or your representative (with authorization, your id, and his/her valid ID) can either pick up from the VFS Global. You may also choose to have it sent to your address via courier but of course, you have to pay the courier fee.

7. Do I need to have travel insurance?

Though New Zealand is perfectly a safe country, we still recommend you to get insurance. We don’t know what will happen during your trip. Having one is advisable!

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